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Artist Artist


I hope to portray the courage and strength of mothers. With one arm she holds off forces that try to destroy her and/or her child.  With the other she tenderly protects her child all the while kneeling because she knows where her strength comes from.


11"x 7" x 5" 

$99  available at Deseret Book stores nation wide or online.  Just click the link below

Perfect for Mother's Day

A daughter honors and celebrates her mother.

About Me


                                                                  Sculptor, Painter, Motivational Speaker

As an international award-winning sculptor and portrait artist, Jacki has used her artwork and leadership skills to honor and illustrate the dignity of womanhood. Through community involvement, she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for philanthropic causes and brings a compassionate influence as she continues to work with the United Nations.


As the Founder and President of The Mothers Legacy (MLP) Project she gives voice to women and families, as an active participant in the United Nations (UN) Civil Society Salt Lake City Conference, UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Jacki presented in New York, “The Use of Art in the Peace Building Process.” Since 2013 she has made numerous presentations related to maternal mortality and brought hundreds of upcoming influencers to the UN CSW and the Human Rights Council sessions at both New York City, USA and Geneva, Switzerland. Importantly, through her MLP organization she has sponsored many other non-governmental and non-profit entities at UN locations worldwide. Her sculptures have been featured at several UN sessions.  As the Art Director for the Mothers Monument Project,, she hopes to raise awareness about maternal mortality through the use of art. 

Jacki and her husband, Steven Hunlow live in Portland, Oregon. Together they have nine children, seventeen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Jacki enjoys gardening, hiking in the tall dense forests of Oregon, gardening, traveling, learning, studying, learning to play the Ukelele and being with her family and friends.

My Medium

I use different mediums, clay, oils, and  have my sculpture work cast in bronze and resins. . Each idea manifests in its own individual style.

Sharing Experiences

What I learned from being the Oregon Mother of the Year.

Creating is a part of human nature. It's your time to be creative.

What do you do if you have lots of ideas but don't know what to do with them or you have great skills but don't know where to apply them?


"Motherhood-Greater Love" bronze


This small figurative sculpture conveys profound spiritual and aesthetic strength that belies its diminutive scale. It could well serve as a finely wrought maquette for a larger - even life-size - work.  The mother is seen on her knees in a contained pose as she rests on her forelegs that are tucked beneath her. She is depicted in a defensive posture as she hugs her infant close to her bosom.

           The mother extends her right arm defensively in a protective gesture to thwart the swirling dark mass that threatens to envelope both her and her child. Her head is turned away from this foreboding cloud-like mass as she bends her body toward her infant in a demonstration of motherly love. The amorphous dark shape represents the forces of Satan that threaten to confound the efforts of those that valiantly strive to fulfill their Divinely appointed commissions to “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 1:28) and in this case to preserve and nurture a new life against the threat of destruction by evil forces

           Formalistically, the dark cloud-like shape acts as an effective foil behind the figure of the mother and child and serves to focus our attention on the expression of love by the mother for her infant. The dark form contrasts against the light patina of the mother’s dress, focusing our attention and charging the static pose of the figures with a sense of dynamism. Just as the mother protects her infant by shielding her with her love, so they are both protected by Heavenly Father and are “encircled about eternally in the arms of his love”  signified so effectively in this case by the finely turned circular frame that encircles and contains the tableau

           Technically the anatomies of the figures are finely modeled and the patinas of the respective surfaces are masterfully controlled with well-appointed textures and coloring. The bronze flesh tones of the figures harmonize well with the color of the circular wooden frame and help to integrate the piece. It was a delight to see this work receive an award at the October 2019 ACA exhibition and symposium. Hopefully it will inspire other sculptors as they work to refine their talents and techniques in order to give expression to more finely executed reverential and devotional artworks, such as this, in the future.

Herman du Toit, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Alliance of Covenant Artists, Inc.


* Artist * Educator * Peace Builder * Super Connector * Creative Thinker


Art Works (partial list)


1992    “A  Gift From the Islands” – bronze sculpture. The Church History Museum – Salt  Lake City, UT


1994    “Women   of the Spirit” – bronze sculptures – at General Relief Society Women’s   Conference, Provo, UT


1999   “Because Joseph Asked” – bronze life size bust for BYU Idaho Student Housing


1999  “Emma”  – bronze life size bust for BYU Idaho Student Housing

2000  “Borgstrom   Brothers” – bronze bas relief North Box Elder County Veterans Memorial, Tremonton, UT


2008  Father’s   Story” - oil portraiture, Best in show, Sovereign Gallery art competition, Portland, OR

2008  “Encouronne  to Life” – oil, 1st place American Mothers National Art Show,   Washington, D.C.


2010  “The   Tree of Life” - oil painting, Chronical Artists show, Lake Oswego, OR


2012   “Ascencion  – Ascending One Step at a Time” - bronze sculpture for Mentors International   fundraising Gala, Salt Lake City, UT


2019   “Angel   Mother” – bronze sculpture, International Art Show, Church History Museum,   Salt Lake City, UT also at Deseret Book, Salt Lake City Utah 


2019    “Motherhood   – Greater Love” – bronze sculpture, Deseret Book, Salt Lake City, UT

2019  " Motherhood - Greater Love" , Merit Award - Alliance of the Covenant Artists, Salt Lake City, Utah

2020  "Motherhood-Greater Love", "Angel Mother" -Best and Brightest Show 1st place winner, Scottsdale, Az.



2019 to present- Deseret Book Store, “Angel Mother”, “Motherhood – Greater Love”, flagship store downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

2019 – “Angel Mother” Church Museum of Art and History, Salt Lake City, Utah

1997-99- Kokopelli Gallery, “Women of the Spirit” series, Phoenix International Airport

1997-99- Maya Gallery, “A Gift from the Island” bronze sculpture, Waimea, Hawaii

1996-98- Utah Artists Gallery, “Women of the Spirit” series, Salt Lake International Airport

Selected Awards and Recognition

2018 – Acceptance into International art show - Church History Museum, Salt Lake City, UT 

2011 – Oregon Mother of the Year

2011 – “Women in American History” award recipient from Daughters of the American Revolution, Beaverton Chapter

2010 – Selected as a Chronicle Artist , Lake Oswego, Oregon Art Festival

2009 - 1st place Best and Brightest, Scottsdale Art School show – bronze “In Her Mothers Footsteps”

2009 – Education Award: “Women and Their Influence For Good”; the Worldwide Organization for Women

2010 – selected as a Chronicle Artist , Lake Oswego, Oregon Art Festival

1992- Acceptance into 150thyear celebration show, the Relief Society, Church History Museum, Salt Lake City, Utah