About Me

My Background


As an international and national award-winning sculptor, portrait painter and multimedia artist, Jacki Hunlow has been and continues to work by way of her artwork to honor and illustrate the dignity of womanhood as she portrays women’s contributions to their cultures and societies.  She also enjoys capturing the essence of someone through her oil portrait painting.

As a result of donations of Jacki’s paintings and sculptures, several hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised to help women throughout the world with micro-credit loans and access to health care. In 2011 as Oregon Mother of the Year, she was able to call attention to the important role of mothers in the home and society. 

  She is the founder of the Mother’s Legacy Project ( a nonprofit organization that presents panels at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women each year in effort to bring awareness of issues and needs for mothers everywhere.  Jacki is also the Art Director for the Mother's Monument Project (, working to end maternal mortality.  

Jacki and her husband, Steven Hunlow live in Portland, Oregon. Together they have nine children, seventeen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Jacki enjoys gardening, hiking in the tall dense forests of Oregon, gardening, traveling, learning, studying, learning to play the Ukelele and being with her family and friends.


My Medium

I use different mediums, clay, oils, and  have my sculpture work cast in bronze and resins. . Each idea manifests in its own individual style.

Jacki's Art Timeline


Public art, commissions, honors and humanitarian work


In her early teens, she began taking private painting classes from successful artists in New Mexico. Jacki continued throughout her life to take classes from world leading portrait painters such as; Loenid Gervitz- Russia, Walter Whittaker – Utah. Formal training  from colleges and universities: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N. Mex., Ricks College, Rexburg, Id. and Utah State University, Logan, Utah. She is a member of the National Portrait Society.

  • 1970’s- Taught painting for university extension classes at Boise State University                and Utah State University
  • 1992-    Began a bronze sculpture series  “Women of the Spirit, an International               Tribute to Women” 
  • 1992-    Bronze sculpture selected for international exhibit at the Church Museum               of Art and History Salt Lake City,  “A Sesquicentennial  Celebration of the               Relief Society”. 
  • 1994-    Selected to Display Bronze sculptures from “Women of the Spirit” series at               the General Relief Society Women’s Conference for the Church of Jesus               Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Provo, Utah
  • 1997-   Taught graduate classes in environmental graphic design for Utah State               University as an emeritus professor.
  • 1998-   Bronze sculpture, “Living Water” purchased to display at the reception in              Washington, DC Visitors Center for a UN Delegation from Uganda
  • 1999-   Bronze life size busts commission of the historical figures of Joseph Smith 2000             Jr. and Emma Smith. For Ricks College Student Housing display 
  • 2000-   Commissioned for bronze sculptures for the North Box Elder County   2001             Veterans Memorial in Tremonton, Utah
  • 2006, 2008  & 2011  National art first place winner in bronze and oil painting              National American Mothers Art Contest, Washington, DC 
  • 2009-  Selected for the Best and the Brightest at the Scottsdale Art School
  • 2009-   “Women and Their Influence for Good” Education Award-presented from               the World Wide Organization for Women
  • 2010-   Selected as a Chronicle Artist, Lake Oswego Art Festival
  • 2010-   Portrait painting commission for two daughters 
  • 2011–  Selected to be the Oregon Mother of the Year
  • 2012–  Woman of the Year, Oregon Daughters of the American Revolution
  • 2013-   Selected as the artist and art director for the Mothers Monument Project
  • 2008-2012   Donated art that help to raise over $500,000 for nonprofits by              donating her art for them to use in raising funds at the  annual  galas.
  • 2014-    Private oil portrait painting commission “Andrew”
  • 2018-    Selected as one of the artists out of 1,000 entries to show in the               International Art Show for the Church Museum of Art of the Church of               Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah                                                                                                                                                                                                               Commercial Experience
  • 1983-1987- Owner of a production sign company in Payson, Az.. producing  art               signage for: large scale billboards, electric signs, neon, silkscreen, wood               sandblasted, stone. metal work, hand painted signage and murals, vinyl               graphics, logo designs and installations. 
  • 1990-   Managed the Maya art gallery on the Big Island of Hawaii. 
  •  1991-   Office Manager Wasatch Bronze in Lehi, Utah, fine art foundry
  •  1993-  Designed a toy line that sold the in seventeen different stores in the Salt               Lake Valley. A national toy company bought the toy line. 
  • 1995-1999 Utah State University, Campus Planning creator for Wayfinding systems               and enhancements to the university including: sculptures placements               designs  and donor recognitions  
  • 2006- 2016  Kitchen and bath designer- Jacki Hunlow Design
  • 2008-   Consultant for the Walk of the Heroines Garden project 

Upcoming Sculptures

My new sculpture "Motherhood ~ through the valley of the shadow of death"  Is now in production at Parks Bronze in Joseph, Oregon.  This sculpture will be presented as awards to organizations, hospitals, public officials or publications that have made significant progress to save the lives of pregnant women.

I am so grateful to work with brillant  artists who make my creations better with your amazing skills. Art is not created alone.   Thank you: Steve Christensen (Flet Chet), Rob Arps, Corbin Cornelison, Steve Christman, Libby Caruth (Form 3D Foundry), Chad Scott, Steve Parks team at Parks Bronze, Dan Kvitka photography