"Women of the Spirit"

An International Tribute To Women

A sculpture and painting series representing 12 different cultures. Each woman symbolizes a principle in life that is portrayed through a cultural characteristic.  Capturing the strengths, wisdom, beauty and spirit of women throughout the world and throughout time.  Learning and teaching as true women of the spirit always do.

Currently there are 4 of the 12 women completed and available in sculpture.  Jacki is now working on a 3 part series of books that will contain paintings and the stories of each of these women.   

"The Beauty Within"

                                                       by Jacki Hunlow

It is often a person who looks upon an oyster shell does not take time to discover the pearl inside because of the rough outer appearance . The older a Japanese woman becomes, the more subtle her clothing. though her kimono may appear plain and uninteresting, woven inside are beautiful designs and colors the public never sees.  She knows they are there and shares the beauty only with those who take time to get to know her.

Having gathered plum and evergreen boughs, she now collects the bamboo shoot.  Each item has special meaning; newness of life, everlasting and purity.  She wraps them very carefully and leaves them at the doorstep as a promise of good fortune for the new year.

                                    "The Living Water"

                                                       by Jacki Hunlow


                        If life were a circle, water would be at the center- we are born of it, nourished by it, plant with it, cleanse with it, fight for it, struggle to obtain it and perish without it. Here this woman freely and unconditionally gives her precious water. 

Water which she labored and sacrificed to obtain.  For as I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon dry ground, so I will pour my spirit upon thee, and my blessings upon thine offspring.             

•Adapted from Isaiah 44:3

Haba n haba hujza kibada "Little by little fills the measure:  Swahili

                "A Gift From The Islands"

                                 by Jacki Hunlow


Reflecting tropical waters in shades of blue, green and purple and the bluest of skies, in a ceremonial Holoku gown with sacred leaf and flower leis, she performs the traditional hula dance, recalling palm trees swaying as trade winds bring the scent of a myriad of flowers. The golden sun glistens off the waters and warms her face.  She delicately expresses with her hands the stories passed down from generation to generation, and with her, you feel and understand the great Aloha Spirit.

These gifts of song, dance, beauty and love remain in your heart and mind until you return again to the islands.

The Making of an Offering”

by Jacki Hunlow

Dressed in ceremonial white doeskin, an Indian woman presents herself as an offering to the Great Spirit.  Many trails have been walked in her life, and now, indicating harmony and a good heart, she talks to the great spirit inthe ancient language of her fathers with her hands she signs “See my clean hands”

The white light of the Great Spirit envelops her, a sign that he offering has been accepted and a blessing given.  She now walks in beauty.